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Emerald: May Birthstone Attributes and Meaning

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With a beautiful vibrant green color, emeralds have been loved and cherished throughout the centuries. A well formed stone can even be more expensive than a diamond!

As a birthstone, the emerald carries new life force and success, and is also said to help see things rationally, and bring our your wandering and exploring energies.

Emeralds are traditionally associated with love and truth.
Emerald– the birthstone for May

Since ancient times, the emerald symbolizes truth and love, specifically faithful, deep and mature love, unlike the Ruby, which symbolizes passionate love. Through it’s green color, the gem is also associated with new beginnings and the spring season in general. In ancient Rome, it was associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of love and hope, while in ancient Egypt and the Inca culture it was thought to bring eternal life.

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